Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Life in Orem is good. There are many things that set Orem apart from other cities and towns. Orem offers its residents great schools, a thriving environment for businesses of all sizes, and a family friendly atmosphere. Orem is located amidst the majestic beauty of Mt. Timpanogos, and has local ski resorts, mountain biking trails, rock climbing, a golf course, and dozens of parks and places to play; we even have our own professional baseball team the Orem Owlz. Orem is home to the annual Summerfest celebration; as well as art and cultural centers like the Hale Center Theater and SCERA Center for the Arts.

If you have never been to Orem we invite you to see for yourself how much better life is in Orem. Here are some of the recognitions our city has been presented with recently.

Ranking Region Title Organization
1 Orem 2018 Top 10 Places to Trick-or-Treat SmartAsset


Provo-Orem MSA 2017 Best Cities for Successful Aging Milken Institute
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 America's Best Cities for Raising a Family Forbes
1 Orem 2016 & 2017 Top 10 Cities for Working Parents SmartAsset
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 The Most Entrepreneurial Small and Mid-Size Metros SmartAsset
1 Provo-Orem MSA The Best Midsize Cities for Jobs 2017 Forbes
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2014 Best Well-Being Gallup
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2017 Best Performing Cities Milken Institute
2 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 Best Cities for Job Growth Newgeography
3 Provo-Orem MSA America's Fastest Growing Cities 2017 Forbes
3 Orem Best Cities of 2016 SmartAsset
12 Provo-Orem MSA 2013 Most Secure Midsize Cities Farmers Insurance
13 Orem 2018 Best Places to Live in America Time Money
19 Orem The 30 Safest Cities to Raise a Child 2017 SafeWise


Education Highlights

Orem has 16 elementary schools, three junior high schools and four high schools.  Additionally, there are three charter schools, two private schools, three alternative schools and one special education school within the city limits.


Orem has a low crime rate. This article shows that crime in Orem dropped from 2012 to 2013.

From the article:

Spanish Fork, Pleasant Grove, Orem and Payson all saw drops in crime from 2012 to 2013, while Springville's crime rate saw no change.

Lt. Craig Martinez with the Orem Department of Public Safety said that despite the reduced crime rates in Orem, residents still need to be vigilant in protecting their property and reporting suspicious activity.

"We do live in Orem, we do live in Utah and generally this is a very safe city and a very safe state and I wouldn't live anywhere else to raise my kids, but this isn't Mayberry. Don't give criminals a reason to victimize you," Martinez said. "There are always criminals looking to victimize someone. We are trying to show residents how to better protect themselves."

Orem  2012 2013
 Homicide  1 2
 Rape  16 13
 Robbery  16 15
 Assault  142 109
 Burglary  189 192
 Theft  2,123 1,790
 Auto Theft  111 99
 Total  2,598 2,220

Housing & Income



Total Housing Units


Owner Occupied


Renter Occupied




Median Home Value


Average Home Value


Growth Rate

Household Income


Per Capita Income


Income Projection

Median Household

$63,120 $74,550

Average Household

$84,159 $97,040

Per Capita

$25,090 $29,117