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Utah Tops the List of Happiest States in America 2016

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Brief highlights of key rankings and headlines for the City of Orem and the State of Utah.

Orem Rankings

If you have never been to Orem we invite you to see for yourself how much better life is in Orem. Here are some of the recognitions our city has been presented with recently.

Ranking Region Title Organization
1 Orem 2018 Top 10 Places to Trick-or-Treat SmartAsset
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2017 Best Cities for Successful Aging Milken Institute
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 America's Best Cities for Raising a Family Forbes
1 Orem 2016 & 2017 Top 10 Cities for Working Parents SmartAsset
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 The Most Entrepreneurial Small and Mid-Size Metros SmartAsset
1 Provo-Orem MSA The Best Midsize Cities for Jobs 2017 Forbes
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2014 Best Well-Being Gallup
1 Provo-Orem MSA 2017 Best Performing Cities Milken Institute
2 Provo-Orem MSA 2016 Best Cities for Job Growth Newgeography
3 Provo-Orem MSA America's Fastest Growing Cities 2017 Forbes
3 Orem Best Cities of 2016 Smart Asset
12 Provo-Orem MSA 2013 Most Secure Midsize Cities Farmers Insurance
13 Orem 2018 Best Places to Live in America Time Money
19 Orem The 30 Safest Cities to Raise a Child 2017 Safewise


Utah #1 “Best State for Business”

Forbes Magazine released its annual “Best States for Business and Careers” ranking. Rankings are based on six primary categories: business costs, economic climate, growth prospects, labor, quality of life and regulatory environment.

Best States for Business

Rank State
2 North Carolina
3 Nebraska
4 North Dakota

Source: Forbes Magazine, Best States for Business and Careers (2015)

Utah 1st for its “Economic Outlook”

ALEC-Laffer once again ranked Utah 1st in the nation for its Economic Outlook. The report compares all 50 states based on such factors as overall tax burden, workers’ compensation costs and tax policy changes.

Highest Ranked for Economic Outlook

Rank State
1   UTAH  
2   North Carolina 
3   North Dakota
4   Wyoming  

Source: ALEC-Laffer, Rich States Poor States (2016)

Utah 1st for “Top 10 Pro-Business States”

Pollina Corporate once again ranked Utah 1st in the nation as a top pro-business state. The ranking was based on 32 key factors, including taxes, government, energy costs and incentive programs.

Top Pro-Business States

Rank State
2 Nebraska
3 Indiana
4 Virginia

Source: Pollina Corporate, Top 10 Pro-Business States (2015)

Utah #3 Best Business Climate

Business Facilities ranked Utah #2 overall for its pro-business climate. The ranking was based on such criterion as unemployment rates, changes in population, education of the workforce and business tax climate.

Top Pro-Business Climate States

Rank State
1 Florida
3 Texas
4 Georgia
5 Indiana

Source: Business Facilities Magazine, Rankings Report (2016)

Utah 1st in Job Growth

HIS Global Insight projects that the state will have the highest average annual job growth rate in the nation through 2017.

Additional Accolades