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Orem, UT Higher Education

Orem is home to Utah Valley University the largest public institution in Utah. UVU had an enrollment of 39,931 students for fall of 2018. Additionally, Orem is next door to Brigham Young University which had an enrollment of 33,517 students for 2018.


Educational Attainment (25+)

Educational Level Attained Number
Some High School 2,996
Graduated High School 7,479
Associates Degree 6,474
Bachelor's Degree 14,536
Graduate Degree 7,286
Source: ESRI, 2019-05-20

Education Expenses

Category Amount
College Tuition $43,128,192
College School Books/Supplies $1,887,580
Voc/Tech School Books/Supplies $25,671
Source: ESRI, 2019-05-20

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