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Orem, UT Transportation

Highway System

Orem is crossed north/south by Interstate 15, which was recently reconstructed and widened through the city. The overall project cost was $1.725 billion. The Orem portion was widened to six lanes northbound and six lanes southbound. Please see the following links for more information.

Corridor Expansion Info (PDF)
Project Map (PDF)

UTA Frontrunner

In 2012, a commuter rail line known as the UTA FrontRunner was completed through northern Utah County. The train stops at the Orem Central station which is located in southwest Orem. An Orem rider can travel south to Provo City, north to Salt Lake City, or even further north to Ogden City. UTA buses connect to the station and provide riders access to other Orem locations.

With the completion of the FrontRunner commuter rail line and the light rail line that connects to the Salt Lake International Airport, travel between Orem and the airport can be done by using mass transit.

The Orem Central Station connects the FrontRunner to the Utah Valley Express (UVX).

Utah Valley Express (UVX)

UVX is a Bus Rapid Transit system with buses that run every six minutes during morning and evening commutes and every ten minutes during the day. The route includes 51% exclusive bus lanes and permanent stations.

Through Orem, the UVX route is on University Parkway and connects the Orem Frontrunner Station to Utah Valley University, University Place, Brigham Young University, and many other destinations.


Orem, UT Utilities

Culinary Water and Sanitary Sewer

Orem has its own culinary water, storm drain, and sanitary sewer utilities. Additionally, Orem has some of the lowest fees in the region. The chart below shows how Orem compares to neighboring cities.


In the City of Orem, electricity is supplied by Rocky Mountain Power.

Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) is committed to making our communities stronger, cleaner and safer places to live and work. By working closely with state and local development organizations, RMP can help communities enhance their economic vitality. They partner with agencies to bring additional resources for attracting top companies and high-paying jobs and to help existing companies expand.

RMP has some of the lowest commercial rates in the nation. Learn more here.


Natural Gas

In the City of Orem, natural gas is supplied by Dominion Energy.



Fiber Optic

UTOPIA provides an open access fiber optic network throughout the city. Your business can connect at a speed up to 10Gbps and can choose from multiple providers for service.

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