Orem Utah’s “Salon 21” Is My Favorite Salon In The World

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I’m not necessarily a fashionable guy. But I like having a nice haircut. And my wife constantly makes fun of me because I’m never satisfied after getting a haircut.

My common response after getting a haircut is, “It will look fine in 2 weeks.”

However, I’ve discovered a place in Utah which always provides amazing haircuts. I feel like a million dollars while I’m in Salon 21 and I look like a million dollars when I leave.

James and Astrid Rawlinson are the owners of Salon 21 in Orem, Utah. Last year, I happened to be in Utah and needed a haircut. I was lucky enough to have James cut my hair. More recently, I had Astrid cut my hair and was just as happy.

While getting my haircut from James, I was impressed when I found out he was the owner. I wanted to learn more. He openly shared his business model and philosophy with me. As an organizational psychologist, what James taught me resonated deeply; and I felt it was important for any high level leader or founder to know.

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