6 reasons why millennials want to quit their jobs

Monday, February 19, 2018

Utah's job market has found immense success in recent years. With low unemployment, hiring is competitive as companies seek to bring in skilled and qualified employees or compete with other local companies to retain talent. Utah business JIVE commissioned a study recently that takes a look at what makes the millennial population happy in a job, and reasons why this portion of the workforce quits a company.

  • 64% would quit if it was difficult to take sick/personal days

  • 56% would quit if they were unhappy with the work atmosphere

  • 20% would quit if in-office technology didn't meet their standards

  • 3 out 5 feel flexible remote work is essential in their next role

  • 43% would quit if it didn't offer flexible hours

  • 46% would quit if they felt the company wasn't progressing

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