Orem company's interactive textbooks connect learners and instructors

Monday, July 02, 2018

In today’s society, learning is less by rote and writ, and more by code and click.

One Orem company has built a successful business transforming the staid and standard college textbook into a connected, interactive experience.

MyEducator offers connected, smart textbooks through an online platform that give learners the chance to learn in multiple ways — including through video, graphics, note-taking and discussion — in person or online. According to Scotty Pectol, MyEducator sales director, education is heading away from traditional methods to being more mobile, individualized and interactive for the learner.

With less than 30 employees, this little Orem company is successfully taking on the big name textbook publishers. Pectol explained that, unlike regular textbook publishers who pour all their efforts into large, expensive books that are only updated every few years, the MyEducator team’s textbooks can be updated almost instantly across users for very little cost.

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